Why Start a USIG?

Be a Better Doctor
  • This is evidence based
  • US is fast, gives information in real time, improves quality and safety of patient care, and is cost effective
  • Better healthcare resources utilization
  • The AMA agrees: Resolution 802 states that using ultrasound is with all physicians’ scope of practice
Improve Your Education
  • Improves learning basic science concepts in anatomy and physiology (In one study ultrasound improved anatomy tests scores by 9%)
  • Improves physical exam skills (Get real time feedback on your physical exam findings)
  • Makes you look REALLY good on your clinical rotations
  • AAMC declared 2013 “The Year of Ultrasound” in an effort to promote ultrasound education in medical schools because they agree
Don’t Get Left Behind
Other students are learning this right now!

If you don’t have ultrasound or only have a little ultrasound in your curriculum:

  • Other schools have ultrasound fully integrated into their curriculums
  • You’ll be applying and going to residency with students who already learned ultrasound

If you already have a full 4 year curriculum:

  • This is an opportunity to develop your ultrasound skills even more and become an ultrasound master
Look Good and BE Good for Residency
  • Be better prepared and a more attractive applicant for residency
  • You’ll be prettier on paper during those pesky residency applications
  • You’ll be better prepared to use the ultrasound skills you’re expected to know
  • USIGs creates opportunities for leadership and career development
    • You’ll lead a student group, mentoring other students, develop your own projects (research, education, or otherwise)… all good stuff for the ol’ resume
    • You’ll get to know ultrasound faculty really well (who will write you nice letters of rec)
  • Finding time to learn ultrasound is much easier as a med student than as a resident
Learning ultrasound isn’t that hard
  • Plenty of evidence on this one too…
  • Others have created their own ultrasound education and started their own USIGs. You can do it too!
  • There’s plenty of resources out there (like this guide), so you’re not doing it on your own

Check out our Why Ultrasound Page for more info on why you should care about learning bedside ultrasound!

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