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New SonoMojo Resource: Soft Tissue Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

The latest SonoMojo ultrasound cheat sheet has arrived! The Soft Tissue Ultrasound Cheat Sheet is a brief review of soft tissue ultrasound and it’s applications. Use it to quickly review the essentials before performing a scan or as an overview of soft tissue ultrasound before diving into the Soft Tissue Ultrasound Module.

In case you haven’t heard of “Ultrasound Cheat Sheets”…  they’re all the basic info you need to review before performing (or teaching) a specific ultrasound scan. They are 1-2 pages long and consist of an brief check list of information on the application, image acquisition, and interpretation of a scan.

So be sure check out SonoMojo’s latest addition to the Ultrasound Cheat Sheets Collection,  soft tissue ultrasound!

Focused Ultrasound Exam Modules

Focused Ultrasound Exam Modules

Abdominal Ultrasound Module

  • Renal, Appendix,Small Bowel Obstruction, Gallbladder, Liver, Spleen, Bladder, Hernia

Trauma Ultrasound Module

  • eFAST, Advanced Trauma, & SUSS IT

Fluid Responsiveness Module

  • IVC, Carotid VTI, & Integrated Approach

Soft Tissue Ultrasound Module

  • Soft Tissue Infections & Foreign Bodies

Vascular Ultrasound Module

  • DVT, Aorta, & IVC

 Lung Ultrasound Module

  • Lung, Dyspnea, & PE

Cardiac Ultrasound Module

  • Basic Views, LV Function, Wall Motion Abnormalities, Diastology, Pericardial Tamponade, & Transesophageal Echo

Ocular Ultrasound Module

  • Basics, Lens Dislocation, Globe Rupture, Retinal Detachment, Vitreous Hemorrhage, Retrobulbar Hemorrhage, & Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter

RUSH Protocol Module

  • Rapid Ultrasound for Shock and Hypotension (RUSH) Protocol (5 quick scans in a couple minutes for lots of answers… when time counts!)

Female Pelvic Ultrasound Module

  • Basics, First Trimester, Intrauterine Pregnancy Assessment, & Transvaginal Ultrasound

Small Parts Ultrasound Module

  • Testicular, Peritonsilar Abscess, & Thyroid

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Module

  • Basics, Hips, Shoulder, Fractures, & Joint Injections

Pediatric Ultrasound Module

  • Basics, Peds ECHO, Pyloric Stenosis, & Intussusception

Useful Ultrasound Protocols Module

  • RUSH Protocol, Echo-Guided Life Support, & Focused Sonography for HIV-Associated TB (FASH) Protocol




SonoQuizzes are a quick and easy way to test your ultrasound knowledge! They’re just for fun, but are a great way to see where you stand and what areas you can improve on. Plus, they go great with the FOAMed Curriculum modules to assess your learning. So give a quiz a try and see how you do!

Introduction to Ultrasound Quiz

Ultrasound Guided IVs Quiz 

Soft Tissue Ultrasound Quiz

More quizzes are on the way!

Learning Ultrasound in Ultrasound Naive Learning Environments

Are you a medical student or physician trying to incorporate ultrasound in your clinical education? Is your clinical environment not so ultrasound friendly? SonoMojo’s got you covered. Check out our Vimeo post on “Learning Ultrasound in Ultrasound Naïve Environments. It covers strategies for introducing ultrasound to the conversation, positively influencing patient care & hospital ultrasound culture, and creating your own ultrasound education in the absence of a formal ultrasound curriculum.  Enjoy the post and happy ultrasounding!

Learning Ultrasound in Ultrasound Naive Learning Environments from SonoMojo on Vimeo.

Why Start a USIG?

Be a Better Doctor
  • This is evidence based
  • US is fast, gives information in real time, improves quality and safety of patient care, and is cost effective
  • Better healthcare resources utilization
  • The AMA agrees: Resolution 802 states that using ultrasound is with all physicians’ scope of practice
Improve Your Education
  • Improves learning basic science concepts in anatomy and physiology (In one study ultrasound improved anatomy tests scores by 9%)
  • Improves physical exam skills (Get real time feedback on your physical exam findings)
  • Makes you look REALLY good on your clinical rotations
  • AAMC declared 2013 “The Year of Ultrasound” in an effort to promote ultrasound education in medical schools because they agree
Don’t Get Left Behind
Other students are learning this right now!

If you don’t have ultrasound or only have a little ultrasound in your curriculum:

  • Other schools have ultrasound fully integrated into their curriculums
  • You’ll be applying and going to residency with students who already learned ultrasound

If you already have a full 4 year curriculum:

  • This is an opportunity to develop your ultrasound skills even more and become an ultrasound master
Look Good and BE Good for Residency
  • Be better prepared and a more attractive applicant for residency
  • You’ll be prettier on paper during those pesky residency applications
  • You’ll be better prepared to use the ultrasound skills you’re expected to know
  • USIGs creates opportunities for leadership and career development
    • You’ll lead a student group, mentoring other students, develop your own projects (research, education, or otherwise)… all good stuff for the ol’ resume
    • You’ll get to know ultrasound faculty really well (who will write you nice letters of rec)
  • Finding time to learn ultrasound is much easier as a med student than as a resident
Learning ultrasound isn’t that hard
  • Plenty of evidence on this one too…
  • Others have created their own ultrasound education and started their own USIGs. You can do it too!
  • There’s plenty of resources out there (like this guide), so you’re not doing it on your own

Check out our Why Ultrasound Page for more info on why you should care about learning bedside ultrasound!

Essential Resources

Essential Websites:

The Ultrasound Podcast – visit HERE

Sonoguide – visit HERE

SonoMojo’s FOAMed Ultrasound Curriculum – visit HERE

PIE Toronto’s Virtual Echocardiography – visit HERE (crazy cool ECHO resource!!)

Ultrasound of the Week – HERE

5 Minute Sono – HERE

Interactive Texts:

Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 1 & 2 (can be found on iTunes HERE & HERE).  They are 100% free, so you have NO excuse not to download them and enjoy their sono goodness!


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NEW Yale EM Ultrasound @Yale_EUS

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Associations and Societies:

American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)

This is a great resource, seriously! If you’re into ultrasound, you should join. Membership gives you access to tons of ultrasound resources, keeps you updated on the latest in the ultrasound community, and gets you connected to the larger ultrasound community. Student memberships are $25 per year. Physician memberships are $295 per year. If you only join one ultrasound society, this is the one to join!  The website can be found HERE.

Society for Ultrasound in Medical Education (SUSME)

This is a pretty good resource too (a bit more educator focused). Student memberships are free! Physician memberships are $200 per year. The website can be found HERE.

Other Super Sites to Check Out:

Sonospot – visit HERE

Echo Guided Life Support – visit HERE

Mike Stone’s Vimeo Page – visit HERE

POCUS Toronto – visit HERE

Emergency Ultrasonography – visit HERE

American Academy of Emergency Ultrasound’s Vimeo Page- visit HERE

Sonocloud- visit HERE

Ultrasound Cheat Sheets

Ultrasound Cheat Sheets are all the basic info you need to review before performing (or teaching) a specific ultrasound scan. They are 1-2 pages long and consisting of an organized check list of information on the application, image acquisition, and interpretation of a scan.

The Cheat Sheets

Aorta Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

Basic Cardiac Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

Carpal Tunnel Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

DVT Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

eFAST Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

First Trimester Pelvic Ultrasound 1st trimester bleeding & ectopic pregnancy

Lung Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

Ocular Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

New Renal & Bladder Cheat Sheet

Soft Tissue Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

Ultrasound Guided Nerve Block Cheat Sheet

Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access Cheat Sheet