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Getting to the Point of Ultrasound Assisted Lumbar Punctures

The Case

There are a few cases I could talk about… Ultrasound guided LPs have turned out to be a surprisingly useful skill. Lucky for you, I’ve restrained myself.

The first time I heard about ultrasound guided LPs was during a spectacular yearlong ultrasound elective in medical school. I was sitting in the doctor’s pod with THE ultrasound attending of ultrasound attendings. He casually asked “Have you ever heard of ultrasound guided LPs?” Never. “Do you want to see one?” Obviously. He explained how ultrasound guided LPs follow the principle of “Measure twice. Cut once.” He spent a minute (and I mean literally just one minute) visualizing the spinal landmarks and marking them on a somewhat altered, seriously chunky patient. He proceeded to get the LP in one stick! I remember thinking he was a wizard in that moment, a wizard who uses ultrasound to elevate patient care to another level; and that I want to be the badass attending that gets LPs on obese, altered patients in one stick. I had to learn this skill… Continue reading Getting to the Point of Ultrasound Assisted Lumbar Punctures

About the Author

I’m a senior emergency medicine resident who loves bedside ultrasound. While I’m a California native, I enjoyed life in the Southeastern US for medical school and now the good life in Ohio for residency. When I started SonoMojo, I was a medical student and has it ever grown since!

At the start of medical school we had NO ultrasound education available to students and definitely no ultrasound in our curriculum. I stumbled upon ultrasound by complete accident at the start of my 2nd year. With the guidance of a WONDERFUL ultrasound faculty adviser I discovered the wealth of FOAMed ultrasound resources available to ultrasound learners and navigated through these resources to developed a FOAMed based  ultrasound curriculum. I also started an ultrasound student group without any financial support or ultrasounds, which forced us to develop our own resources from scratch. A couple years later our school had a large student organization that teaches bedside ultrasound to our fellow students (and sometimes faculty), official ultrasound electives, and ultrasound labs in our physical exam and anatomy curriculum. This has largely been the result of a student-driven model of ultrasound curriculum integration and the support of one amazing ultrasound faculty member. I’ve shared our experiences in developing our own ultrasound education and some resources to help you do the same. Happy ultrasounding! Please enjoy the site!

Dr. Jennifer Cotton, MD RDMS

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(Oh and my opinions are my own… They do not represent my former medical school or current residency program.)