New SonoMojo Resource: Soft Tissue Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

The latest SonoMojo ultrasound cheat sheet has arrived! The Soft Tissue Ultrasound Cheat Sheet is a brief review of soft tissue ultrasound and it’s applications. Use it to quickly review the essentials before performing a scan or as an overview of soft tissue ultrasound before diving into the Soft Tissue Ultrasound Module.

In case you haven’t heard of “Ultrasound Cheat Sheets”…  they’re all the basic info you need to review before performing (or teaching) a specific ultrasound scan. They are 1-2 pages long and consist of an brief check list of information on the application, image acquisition, and interpretation of a scan.

So be sure check out SonoMojo’s latest addition to the Ultrasound Cheat Sheets Collection,  soft tissue ultrasound!

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