Learning Modules

FOAMed Ultrasound Curriculum

SonoMojo’s FOAMed Ultrasound Curriculum modules cover a wide range of ultrasound topics. We’ve collected all the best of ultrasound FOAMed (free online access to medical education) into one place. They’re broken down into modules by topic to help you learn the specific scans your interested in, so pick a topic and dive in!

Ultrasound Cheat Sheets

Ultrasound Cheat Sheets contain all the basic info you need to review before performing (or teaching) a specific ultrasound scan. They are 1-2 pages long and consisting of an organized check list of information on the application, image acquisition, and interpretation of a scan. There a quite a few Cheat Sheets to choose from, so take a look before your next scan!


SonoQuizzes are a quick and easy way to test your ultrasound knowledge! They’re just for fun, but are a great way to see where you stand and what areas you can improve on. Plus, they go great with the FOAMed Curriculum modules to assess your learning. So give a quiz a try and see how you do!

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