Welcome to SonoMojo!

SonoMojo is a guide to ultrasound education. It’s a place for the new-to-ultrasound to get started in bedside ultrasound education and for the ultrasound-pro to discover new ultrasound resources. We’ve collected the best of FOAMed ultrasound education in one place. We’ve also added a few of our own SonoMojo ultrasound resources to help you on your path to become an ultrasound master. You’ll also find resources to help you establish ultrasound education at your own institution.

Be sure to check out these SonoMojo features:

  • Comprehensive Ultrasound Curriculum– our online FOAM-based ultrasound curriculum. It’s broken down into individual modules on the menu toolbar for your convenience. Find it HERE.
  • Ultrasound Cheat Sheets- 1 page resource with the essential into you need to know about a scan. Use it to review before performing (or teaching) a scan or to help you prep before starting a new FOAMed module. Find them HERE.
  • SonoQuizzes– they’re a quick and easy way to test your ultrasound knowledge and find out what areas you can improve on. Find them HERE.
  • Essential Resources Section– an orientation to the best ultrasound education resources for getting started in bedside ultrasound. Find it HERE.
  • Beyond Basics Section– a collection of suggested ultrasound education resources that will take your ultrasound skills to the next level and go beyond basics. Find it HERE.
  • Ultrasound Interest Group Toolbox– a how-to guide for creating medical student ultrasound education using an Ultrasound Interest Group. Find it HERE.

Please enjoy the site! Happy scanning!

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