SonoMojo is a guide to ultrasound education. It’s a place for the new to get started in bedside ultrasound education and the experienced to discover new ultrasound resources. We’ve created a collection of the existing ultrasound education resources into a FOAMed based ultrasound curriculum. We have some of our own resources that we developed to address the needs of the new learner and the learner trying to learn new ultrasound techniques. Here you’ll also find a guide to developing the resources you need to establish ultrasound education at your institution. So have a look around the site and enjoy!

Site Highlights

  • Comprehensive FOAMed-based ultrasound curriculum (with links to all the completely free resources in each learning module)
  • Collection of suggesting resources for getting started in bedside ultrasound
  • Explanation of the argument for bedside ultrasound
  • Instructions for taking your ultrasound skills to the next level once you’ve got the basics down
  • A resource toolbox for medical students to start their own ultrasound education student group (to get ultrasound education now and promote ultrasound curriculum integration)

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