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SonoSave – It’s Just Sepsis

Hemodynamically unstable, sick patient have high mortality and morbidity. Their physical exam findings can be misleading and the diagnosis still broad or unclear even after examination. When time counts and your patient is sick, bedside ultrasound can quickly make the diagnosis to help you provide appropriate and definitive care when it matters most. This is the basis for the SonoSave series, which examines ultrasound saves and the critically ill patients alive today because of point of care ultrasound.   


Ultrasound is a lifesaver and luckily for a recent patient I mean this literally. Thanks to the early use of ultrasound a life was saved that would have been lost. A critical diagnosis was made within 5 minutes of arrival, preventing investment of precious time in ineffective treatments or delaying definitive care and making me look real slick in the process. The patient was successfully treated and admitted to the ICU. When I walk into work the next day, I find out the patient is not only alive but sitting up in bed talking to the team! With some simple ultrasound views and less than 2 minutes, the direction of our treatment completely changed and a man lived to see his family that I doubt would have otherwise. Two minutes to save a life… that’s some good stuff and even better ultrasound! These are the moments that make medicine worth it.  

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